Are you ready to start a Foragable Community?

Who are You?

Do you own a business engaging the regional food system?  Are you an activist working to support regional foodways?  Do you enjoy activating and engaging others?  Catalysts share their knowledge and insight about the natural features of their area with locals and visitors, serving as stewards of both the local human and natural communities.  

How Can We Help?

We can provide funding to help you start a foragable community in your area and the support you need to develop community partnerships. We work directly with community catalysts to help you develop specific materials and design events that increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of  the local foodways in your region.

Project Guides

Use the Project Template to guide the development of your project and view the Foragable Morganton project curriculum to help you get started. 

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Explore our library of resources to learn more about the kinds of  knowledge and skills associated with foragable communities and resilient food systems.

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Organize a foraging walk, a workshop or a local foods dinner to engage your community in learning about and participating in the traditional foodways of your region.

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