The summer Foragable Morganton walk took place last week, with representatives from community partner Fonta Flora Brewery in attendance.

Foragable Community’s ethnobotanist partner and walk leader Doug Elliot has more: “We gathered Chanterelle mushrooms, and saw Russula and poisonous amanita mushrooms. We looked at bloodroot’s blood, tasted sourwood leaves and yellow root, and discussed the mycorrhizal fungal web of life. We saw young pawpaws, a newly emerged male luna moth, and a ginseng plant about to flower. We nibbled purslane, ate lots of mulberries, black raspberries and blueberries, and heard the story of the origin of the cultivated highbush blueberry. We pulled lots of mugwort for dream pillows and smudges, and picked basil and tulsi.

After the walk, we cooked and ate chanterelle mushrooms, cauliflower mushrooms, stinging nettles, Lambs quarters, amaranth, milkweed flower buds, and new potatoes, just out of the garden.”