On Monday, April 17th, Doug Elliot hosted the second of four seasonal woods walks at his home in Union Mills, NC. Led by Doug, community members and staff members from Wisteria Southern Gastropub and Fonta Flora Brewery attended the workshop and learned about the plants available for foraging in the spring season.

Participants learned about the foragable plants in the Union Mills area available during the spring season, including sphagnum moss, milkweed/dogbane, mulberry, grapes, hops, pitcher plants, and trilliums.

Burdock, lamb’s quarters, wood sorrel, catnip, shepherd’s purse, chocolate mint, and mugwort were available for tasting, while nettles, poke, milkweed, hops tips, and various herb teas were cooked and served for all walk participants.

Save the Date

Summer Walk: June 19th
Fall Walk: October 16th


Photos of the Spring Walk