In the afternoon on Monday, Feb. 20th 2017, members of the Foragable Morganton community met at Doug Elliot’s homestead in Union Mills, NC to participate in the Foragable Morganton Winter Woods Walk. Led by Doug, community members and staff members from Wisteria Southern Gastropub¬†and Fonta Flora Brewery attended the workshop.learned about the plants available for foraging in the winter season. Foragable Morganton plans to host four woods walks – one for each season.

Participants in the Winter Walk learned about regional winter staples such as black walnuts, hickory milk, birch, creasy greens, chickweed, oat straw, Austrian winter peas, and how to build and maintain a root cellar. After the walk, attendees worked together to cook and serve rice, lobster mushrooms, shiitakes, black walnuts, Jerusalem artichokes, yacon, and various teas.


Doug & Yanna’s Pantry.

Processing nuts for nut milk.

Hickory nuts.

Sweet potato.