Building a resilient future together through food and community.

A foragable community is a collective of community organizations working to increase public participation in local foodways to enhance the sustainability and resilience of their region.


A collective of community members, led by local food businesses, working together to educate themselves and others about local foodways through community-based education programs and public events.

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Use our resources to learn more about how foodways education enhances community resilience and and how you can get started developing teaching materials and designing events for your region.

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Local organizations who want to enhance the resilience of their region by leading community-based education and development that encourages people to cultivate sustainable food systems.

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Are you interested in becoming a Foragable Community Catalyst?

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can support a Foragable Community startup in your area.

Recent Updates

First Forest Restoration Planting at Catawba Run!

First Forest Restoration Planting at Catawba Run!

Over at Catawba Run, a short walk past dense loblolly pines, newly planted chestnuts, and acres of red crimson clover, leads you to what is at first glance a stark landscape. Fallen and charred trees line 10 acres of hillside, contrasting with the young loblolly and...

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