Building a resilient future together through food and community.

A foragable community is a collective of community members working together to increase the public’s active participation in local foodways in order to enhance the sustainability and resilience of their region.


A collective of community members, led by local food businesses, working together to educate themselves and others about local foodways through community-based education programs and public events.

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Use our resources to learn more about how foodways education enhances community resilience and and how you can get started developing teaching materials and designing events for your region.

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Community groups and individuals interested promoting sustainable gardening and farming, local food and seasonal eating, and the natural and cultural history of the region are all potential partners for  local food businesses.

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Are you interested in becoming a Foragable Community Catalyst?

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can support a Foragable Community startup in your area.

Recent Updates

Food Resilience at the Master Gardener College

Laura Lengnick, Foragable Community's Resilience Partner, led a workshop entitled Celebrating Place, Cultivating Resilience at this year's Extension Master Gardener College hosted by North Carolina State University in Raleigh  June 7.   Laura introduced community...

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Planting Native Trees at Fonta Flora

Through funding from Foragable Community, Fonta Flora was able to plant over 30 native paw paw tress and create a beautiful flowing native plant educational area on May 25th.

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Foraging with Doug Elliott: Video Series

Join Foragable Communities’ Ethnobotanist Partner Doug Elliott as he forages through the landscapes of North Carolina, sharing history, foraging, and preparation tips for a variety of plants.

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